The Face

Yes that’s me, momma told me i was pretty, but that only lasted until when i understood the true meaning of beauty.

I am a father of two, plus another one coming and husband!

I was born in Brazil and raised in New Jersey, i have found a life in photography and a way to express per say, my artistic vision. It really started off as simply snapping pictures here and there, but then it got to a point of no return, in which it grew this passion for photography, specially weddings.

Every tear and smile in a picture, a story is told.  In which a sentimental value that has no price tag.

I’ve have spent the last five years studying and perfecting my style.

I interest in people that will dress nice for one day, get awkwardly posed sometime thru out the day, and on top of that capture their most important day in their lives. I want to photograph the real you, the true laughter, the true emotions, i want to capture your day of love and make it always remembered.